Gurl Talk



Gurl Talk is an annual event hosted by Sis. Trish Batten & The Dew-Drop Circle.

God revealed to Sis. Batten practical approaches for planning against an attack from the enemy by openly asking questions about daily issues, struggles, & hindrances that we may presently or in our past have encountered.

Gurl Talk is an entity of Dew Drop Praise Ministries where several females from various cities invited to an early (A.M.) morning fellowship while the Dew is yet falling and the anointing of God fills the sanctuary. Many women are set free through their exposure of the enemy by asking questions before a panel of women of God about their situations; also involving all of the gurlz present.

Sis. Batten & Gurl Talk has helped many distraught hurting, depressed women to realize with the obedience to do God's will we can be ready to stand strong in the face of the enemy's plans and Victory Shall Be Ours!