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Dew Drop Circle


Dew-Drop Circle is a group where women can personally connect one on one with each other while getting together & building great friendships.

Dew-Drop Circle also reaches out to our young sistas as well. They too need a little encouragement. As seasoned and women of wisdom, we've been down the road that they are traveling so therefore we can deter them from some wrong paths and we can embrace them because of the wrong turns they made.

I definitely want our young sistas to realize that our decisions or choices have consequences.

The decisions that you make today will determine your reality tomorrow. God designed a plan, and He is so magnificent because He will not interfere with our decision to choose whether or not we will follow it.

You probably ask yourself, why can't I do the things that the rest of my friends are doing, or go to the places that they go? Well, the aforementioned is your answer and also you must know that God loves you very much.

Sista, know that you are beautiful and special. Beautifully and wonderfully created are you. Don't allow anyone to tell you that you're not.
God's word says in Psalms 140 that we are fearfully and wonderfully make; so you are so wonderful because God made you that way.  No one can duplicate or replace how beautiful and special you are.

Sista Gurl, don't allow folk to tell you that you can't have a life full of beautiful and wondrous things. You indeed can! You can have the power through the Holy Spirit to move yourself forward into the kind of life you desire.

So don't give up on on yourself. Life can be difficult and sometimes you have to fight for what you want. I believe that anything worth having is worth fighting for. But I know that when you fight the way God tell you in His word, failure is impossible.

God's word says, "and all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer believing ye shall receive. You are more than a conqueror in any situation."

If you have been blessed by our ministry and our site, help us to continue our ministry by making a donation, you can click below or send it our mailing address.


Dew Drop Praise Ministries
P.O. Box 353 Leesburg, GA 31763
PHONE:(229) 854-3374
FAX: (229) 888-5475

Do you ever feel it
When people get unkind
You can hear it in their voices
They get poison on their minds

Though ignorance
Should never be excused
I'll do my best
To pick up their attitudes

All across the land
Young people are walking blind
But if the heat comes down
I'll be standing by your side

For I am there for you
Like you are there for me
Nothing feels as good
As a sister's loyalty

If my sister's in trouble
I will always help her out
If my sister's in trouble
I will turn the world around
I will fight for her right
No matter where the trouble
seems to lie
If my sister's in trouble
so am I
If my sister's in trouble
so am I.