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Holy Sister Gurlz


Holy Sister Gurlz is an entity of Dew-Drop Praise Ministries. The vision was given to Sis. Trish Batten for women to be spiritually educated & motivated on how to become the Godly woman in Christ.


As women/females we have a tendency to look at everyone else, and everywhere else for the root of the problem. But we don't look within ourselves. God is waiting on you to turn to him so that he may show you the areas of your life that needs cleaning, healing, and refining before he can send you that right mate. If we never realize that the problem could be with us, we become frustrated and start to look in all the wrong places for a mate.

Don't allow yourself to compromise  your morals, your happiness, your future, nor the lives of any children as a result of this unhealthy and unholy union. Sis. Batten would like you to make it a daily habit to incorporate prayer in your morning ritual. Prayer can change the worst situation into a moment of calm and peace.


Sista Gurl, if you're striving to be a Holy Sista Gurl Sis. Batten would like you to meditate in prayer over these questions & answers. She believes that the more we meditate on them each morning, the more apt we are to remember them  when times are trying and life is bending us over  the wrong way. We can be that Proverbs 31 Woman!

  1. Who are you as a woman? Truly not someone whose only goal in life is to find a man and get married. that is not your purpose! God intends so much more for you. today's kingdom walking man does not want a woman who does not have a purpose. He figures if all you sat on was your morals before he arrived, chances are all you will sit on are your morals after you are married. Find your purpose.
  2. What is your spiritual foundation built on, rock or sand? Women with weak spiritual foundations crack under pressure. Ask God to help you build your house on a solid foundation so that when your husband does come, you will be that solid rock he needs. If he is following god, he has a purpose in action already. He does not need you to be a burden in his life, but an asset.
  3. Do you dress provocatively to draw the attention of men? Too  many of us use cleavage and tight bodies to get a man to notice us. Men are drawn to sexy clothing, but those are not the type  of women they take home to mama. The Godly  man is looking for a respectful, intelligent, well-rounded woman. A woman who feels sexy clothes is the way to get a man will always find herself looking around the next corner. A satisfying relationship you will never find.
  4. Part of being the virtuous woman is a woman who is diligent in giving God what is due to God. are you giving God what is right in the tithe or giving him what is left? we focus on shopping and personal luxuries such as hair, make-up, & nails placing god at the bottom of the ladder to get what is already His. Are you wondering why you are falling short in getting that husband, that job, that house, or whatever you are believing God for? If you can't give God his 10% maybe your answer lies there! However, God will get his one way or another. A God-fearing and righteous man does not want a woman that will rob God.
  5. What nasty habits from your past will be there to trip you up in the future? Is it your anger, your fear, your obsession, your selfishness, your insecurities, or maybe your lack of commitment? Is it past relationships you have not let go? Is it past sin you have not repented of? Is it your shopping habits? Is it your constant desire to control situations? Girl, let that stuff go.
  6. Define submission? Yes, we have a tendency to work our necks when someone says a man is the head of the home. Submission is about authority, but not control. When we have not learned the true act of submission, we see a man and God as controlling  our lives. Submission does not mean you have no voice.  It simply means your husband is the head  an even though you may not agree with his decision, you acquiesce out of respect and authority for his role as the head. If you are a woman who has to always control things, you are not ready. This may be a good time to re-evaluate your stand on submission. A marriage ordained by God cannot go forth successfully without it.